Plans for huge Islamic Centre in Clongriffin

Source: Irish Times

A Dublin-based Muslim group is in advanced discussions to develop a € 40 million Islamic Cultural Centre including a substantial Mosque at Clongriffin on the northern fringe of the city. A formal planning application for the six-acre campus is to be lodged with Dublin City Council by the end of this summer.

The complex is expected to give a major boost to Dublin’s newest town centre and lead to the creation of up to 500 construction jobs over a three year period.


2 Comments to “Plans for huge Islamic Centre in Clongriffin”

  1. thats it give this little ireland all to the muslims as that is what is about to happen and will.

  2. Congratulations on new Islamic Centre. I wish you ever success. I hope all will be welcome, including to schools, pool & conference centre.. This community certainly needs a boost. Inclusiveness will be so important. After all, we all pray to the same God, we just have different views on him/her??.I like to think God is a loving & forgiving and knows we are all imperfect but loves and nurtures us all the same. I expect the same is expected of us. Why would we want to be subject to any other type of God.

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