Ali Selim: Stereotyping all Muslims simply a form of oppression

Ali Salim

Ali Salim

By Ali Salim for Irish Independent

The resurgence of intolerance and discrimination against Muslims after September 11, coupled with related racist tendencies challenging the exercise of fundamental human rights and freedoms of Muslims in some western countries, had no serious impact on Muslims living in Ireland.

When Irish Muslims faced a critical juncture around the time of 9/11, the Irish people made a difference. They expressed their solidarity with Muslims here.

Some visited Muslim organisations and handed over letters of solidarity and others presented flowers. They all passed one message: “This is not you. We are with you.”

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One Comment to “Ali Selim: Stereotyping all Muslims simply a form of oppression”

  1. Why would any muslem expect support from. Ireland. They should have looked after their children, as Irish do. I as an Irish citizen was in America for 9.11 and could not get home. Could not afford to. Slept in streets in USA for 7 days. Took me over 15 daysto get home to ireland. Never go back there again, but get what the murdering problem musems get all they want here, the Irish government Amy’s, but guess what it’s me that pays for recruiting the Muslim sicko. And the so called Irish love them. Let them breed, we are an embarrisment to Europe I wonder why……..I’m a scared Irish person. Help

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