The Irish famine and Ottoman humanitarian aid to Ireland

Sultan Abdülmecid (PHOTOS SUNDAY’S ZAMAN)

Sultan Abdülmecid (PHOTOS SUNDAY’S ZAMAN)

Source: The Pen

Two years ago, while the President of Ireland was visiting Turkey; she brought a gift to the Turkish President as a remembrance of the Ottoman aids sent by Ottomans by ships. Then I decided to study and research this topic. Because, this study will be of great value to understand the Ottoman point of view on humanitarianism.

Ireland is an island in northwest Europe in the North Atlantic Ocean on the western part of Great Britain. It is separated from England by the Irish Sea and from mainland Europe by the Celtic Sea. It is surrounded by a ring of coastal mountains from its northern, southern and western shores. Ireland’s history has been shaped from the eastern coastline by contacts with its eastern neighbor, the United Kingdom, across the narrow passage of the Irish Sea.

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