Cork’s reaction to the Muslim veil

Source: Irish Examiner

By Rita de Brun

There are good intentions behind calls to ban the veil: a commendable wish to halt the liberty-curtailing husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers and religious leaders who coerce women to conceal their faces in public. But there’s flawed thinking there as well, a naivety, as not all who wear veils are forced to do so, and a blanket ban denies Muslim women the basic human right to dress as they choose, and to express themselves, their beliefs and their religion as they see fit.

In some countries in which the veil has been banned, there has been a rise in hate crimes against Muslims. Figures released by the National Observatory of Islamophobia show that in 2011 the number of anti-Muslim attacks in France rose by 34% on 2010 — the year in which the ‘burqa ban’ was introduced.

Until recently, I’d have found it hard to believe that any woman would wear a burqa or niqab by choice, but that all changed when I donned the garb and took a stroll around Cork.

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2 Comments to “Cork’s reaction to the Muslim veil”

  1. You are murders, personally, I request everyone of you shot or burnt to death. I am an irish person, who paid for you to worship your God… We all need a god, but none oF you deserve to live in this country……. Your life and your country that you invade, should be no to IS. Sick murderers. Make sure you never ever cross my path, you, your scum, go back to your own county and face consequences. Live with your dirt and don’t bring my country into your sick religion. No human being could not condone, wht your so called religion has done. Japanese are humble caring people, how dare you

    • That’s about as racist and disgusting of a message that I’ve seen on any blog. You should be ashamed of yourself, whoever you are.

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