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April 30, 2012

Muslim woman denied GNIB card for wearing hijab

Source: Metro Éireann

A Muslim group in Ireland has described as outrageous the decision by an immigration official not to renew the residency card of a Muslim woman unless she removed her hijab.

Metro Éireann has heard that the woman in question was refused by an official at the Garda National Immigra-tion Bureau (GNIB) when she declined to remove her headscarf for the photograph required for her residency card.

Abu Usama, spokesperson for the group Islam4Ireland, told Metro Éireann that “it is against the rule of Islam for a Muslim woman to be seen publicly without her hijab”.

In a statement, the group added: “The hijab or scarf worn on the head is an obligation in Islam on every Muslim woman when outside of the house or in the company of non-family members.

“It is not allowed for any Muslim woman to go out in public without the hijab.”

The statement also emphasised that “the hijab or headscarf is completely different to the niqaab, or full face veil, which is also worn by Muslim women.”

The group added that while they can accept that the incident was “a terrible mistake”, the Government should “address this serious insult to Islam and Muslims immediately”.