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August 23, 2014

Irish Muslims condemn actions of Islamic State

The Islamic Cultural Centre Ireland (ICCI), based in Dublin’s Clonskeagh, has strongly condemned Islamic State (IS), which , it says, is acting contrary to the teachings of Islam.

In a statement it states that “in full conformity with Islamic teachings” it “vehemently abhors and deplores terrorism of all kinds regardless of the perpetrators’ race and faith.”

The statement comes a day after s the Islamic State posted a video showing the American journalist James Foley being beheaded.

The cultural centre points out that “murder, the most horrendous act of terrorism, is strictly forbidden in Islam” and that “Allah states that the murder of one person is as evil as killing all people. In the Qur’an it is stated: “whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption (done)in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.”

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August 19, 2013

Four Irish citizens held in Cairo jail after al-Fateh mosque demonstration

Source: The Guardian

Four Irish siblings caught up in the violence in Cairo are being held by Egyptian authorities, their family said on Sunday.

Sisters Omaima Halawa, 20, Fatima, 22, and Somaia, 27, and their brother Ibrihim, 17, were among hundreds of people cleared out of the al-Fateh mosque when security forces stormed the building on Saturday.

Their father, Sheikh Hussein Halawa, is the imam of Ireland’s largest mosque, in Dublin. At the family home in Firhouse, south Dublin, another sister, Nasaybi, said the four were being held at a jail in Cairo.

“The latest we know is that they are in one of the jails in Cairo. But we do not know if they are all together or whether they have been separated, boys and girls,” she said.

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May 29, 2013

U.S. embassy seeks security walls, fears al Qaeda attack at embassy in Dublin



Source: Irish Central

US Embassy officials in Dublin fear an Al Qaeda inspired attack on the compound and have asked for major security improvements in the Ballsbridge, Dublin building.

But the plan for a massive security fence around the US embassy in Dublin has started a row with the city council.

The new defense perimeter proposed by the US government includes a barrier almost 10 feet high and an outer cordon of 3 feet-high steel bollards to protect staff from any possible terrorist attacks.

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May 18, 2013

Irish footballer under investigation after pig’s head is left in Muslim’s teammate’s locker

Glenn Whelan (Left) and Kenwyne Jones

Glenn Whelan (Left) and Kenwyne Jones

Source: Irish Central

An Irish World Cup star had the windscreen of his Porsche smashed after a pig’s head was left in the locker of a devout Muslim teammate.

Stoke City and Ireland midfielder Glenn Whelan is at the centre of an internal investigation after a series of incidents at the Premier League club’s training ground.

Muslim striker Kenwyne Jones was said to have taken offence after the pig’s head was left in his locker.

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May 9, 2013

New rules for Muslim burials in Ireland

Source: Irish Independent

Muslims will be allowed to bury their dead in the traditional way from next month without the need to seek special permission.

New regulations will facilitate un-coffined burials for Muslims and members of other faiths, unless they’re likely to pose a health and safety risk.

Members of the Islamic faith typically bury their dead as soon as possible, with the deceased wrapped in shrouds, a spokesman for the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland said.

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March 13, 2013

Dublin city council says yes to €40m Islamic cultural centre

Clongriffin mosque

By Jack Fagan in Irish Times

Development work is expected to get under way early next year on an Islamic Cultural Centre including a large mosque at Clongriffin on the northern fringe of Dublin city following the granting of planning permission for the ¤40 million complex by Dublin City Council.

The six-acre campus is being promoted by a Dublin-based Muslim group and will be developed by businessman Gerry Gannon on part of the extensive lands he owns at Clongriffin.

The overall plans prepared by architects Conroy Crowe Kelly provide for a three-storey domed mosque and cultural centre including a prayer hall, meeting rooms, creche and library extending to 5,573sq m (60,000sq ft).

City planners have banned the use of public address announcements or a call to prayer which could be audible outside the centre.

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March 10, 2013

Ireland’s largest mosque in Clongriffin set for construction

Mosque development will cost in the region of €40m Source: RTÉ news

Mosque development will cost in the region of €40m Source: RTÉ news

Source: RTÉ news

Plans for Ireland’s biggest mosque have been given the go-ahead by Dublin City Council for a site in the north of the city.

The six-acre site in Clongriffin will be able to cater for up to 3,000 Muslims during festivals.

One condition of the planning permission is that there is no call to prayer audible outside the complex.

The development will consist of a three-storey domed mosque with minarets, a conference centre, primary and secondary schools and fitness centre with swimming pool.

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Mosque for 3,000 gets go-ahead in capital

Source: Irish Independent

The development, to be built in Clongriffin, north Dublin, will become Ireland’s largest Muslim Cultural Centre catering to the 40,000-strong community living in the capital.

The application to Dublin City Council was submitted by an organisation called the Dublin Welfare Society.

It was approved by planners and will cost a staggering €40m, which is believed to be coming from a backer in the United Arab Emirates.

Clongriffin is a new town on the northern fringe of Dublin city.

It was slated for widescale development at the end of the Celtic Tiger era and while many homes and apartments were built in the area, there are large stretches of wasteland and some ghost estates.

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February 26, 2013

16 year-old teenager from Navan killed while fighting with Syrian rebels

Shamseddin Gaidan

Source: Irish Central

Shamseddin Gaidan joined rebels in Syria last year without his parent consent. The circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear. His father Ibrahim, who runs a halal grocery shop in Navan, was informed of his son’s death in a phone call from Syria the Irish Times reports.

“We don’t know where or how he was killed and we don’t know where his body might be,” said Mr Gaidan.

“It is very difficult to get any information. This confusion makes our grief much worse.”

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October 5, 2012

Plan to build massive new Islamic Centre in Dublin

Source: Irish Central

According to reports in the Irish Times, “a Dublin-based Muslim group with support from many parts of the world has agreed purchase terms for the six-acre site located close to the Gannon-funded Dart station.”

Previous reports in the Irish Times stated that the new development, “could put Ireland in a very favorable position in the Muslim world and lead to significant inward investment.”

The development will include the mosque and support facilities, including a 34-classroom school, conference centre, assembly hall, playground and swimming pool. It has been designed by Paula Gill of architects Conroy Crowe Kelly.

June 16, 2012

Growing xenophobia across Europe

Source: Irish Times

Xenophobia and discrimination were “growing from Norway to France as part of an anti-emigrant outswell”, the UN special representative for migration and development Peter Sutherland said yesterday.

Speaking at the Eucharistic Congress in Dublin he said just 17.5 per cent of Europeans “believe that immigration is a positive”.

The condition of the 15 million to 20 million Muslims in Europe involved “high levels of discrimination which we as Christians must absolutely oppose”, he added.

He noted that “60 per cent of Europeans believe all Muslims are fanatics” which stereotype “could hardly be further from the truth”. He said “without being complacent”, immigration had been “a remarkable success in Ireland, with 760,000 immigrants recorded on last year’s census and an increase in immigrant numbers over the past three years.